Glass Conference Room


An initial consultation is set up to determine what your requirements and dreams are for your new home. Our goal is to open a dialogue and start a relationship that we can continue for years to come. Listening to what will make your home functional and sensible for your individual lifestyle is something we hold crucial to our plans forward. Pictures and other visual aids help in communicating your wants and needs of your home.

We strive toward creating a budget that meets your expectations out of your new home, while customizing it to your dreams.

There will be several consultations along the way to provide ample communication in the building of your custom home.

Leasing a Home

Lot Purchase & Secure Finances

Congratulations! You have secured your finances and the deposit is set on the building of your custom home. Once this is all in order all the fun begins! You will choose your lot.

This is where our relationship grows into a partnership.  This is where we work together, to build a home, not a house.



We provide floorplan drawings to help you visualize your new home.


Any concerns or questions will be addressed.


If any changes are required, we can alter your space to cater to your needs and requirements.

Contract Paper Signing


We will acquire a building permit from the community that you will be living in.  This is the beginning of bringing your dreams into reality.

Cabinet Maker Sketch


Once permits are in place, construction of your new home will begin and you will start to see all your hard work and planning come together. The development of your home will seem quick at time and slow at others, but Black Wolf Custom Homes is committed to upholding a pace that is conducive to maintaining the high standards that we sets up for the trades. It is inevitable that challenges may arise along the way, but it’s how Black Wolf Custom Home deals with it that makes us your builder of choice.

Construction Worker Lifting Wood Board


Picking our your siding and other custom options, such as stone or timber framing, will be another level of customization for your home.

You will see the expansion from framing to drywall and beyond, as your dream home comes to life before your eyes.



Cabinets, counter tops, paint, lighting and other aesthetics will all be picked out for your home. We offer guidance and expert eye detail when picking out these important aesthetic specifics. We have the advantage of working with quality custom cabinet makers and other retailers, giving you the largest selection in Central Alberta. You can feel confident that your home will be 100% custom and unique to you.



After a walk through of your home, you will gain possession and begin the move in process!


We are certain that you will be over the moon with your new home, as we seek to provide quality in our products and craftmanship.


Any concerns or questions? We are always available to follow up with our after sales service.